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Then what is there to even talk about? You've described a magical type of vehicle that could never actually exist, at least not with any technology conceivable to us now. While you're at it, why not talk about the advantages of a trash-powered Mr. Fusion, as well? This stuff is completely fantastical, so what can you say about it other than "this would be cool if it was possible"?
It's a question on what the advantages of a flying car would be over a ground-based one. But to avoid all of the talk about wind blowing them off course, people changing radio stations and crashing into buildings, etc. I wanted to present the idea that the flying car presents no more greater danger, difficulty or problems than ground based ones.

In the real world of course a flying car would have numerous problems not make them worth it. They would be more vulnerable to gusts of wind blowing them off course, they'd have to obey the laws of physics and gravity and be little more than small aircraft. That's not the question here.

What are the advantages of a flying car if we assume they can be operated like roaded cars and present no greater danger or risk of accident.
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