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Re: Aliens - The Other Deleted Scenes

I'm rather glad such a scene was never realized. Merciful Mogg, I rolled my eyes when the "hybrid" in Alien Resurrection was squeezed through that inch wide hole in the viewport. Either that creature was composed of gelatin and its bones of soda crackers, or the PSI in that chamber had to be rated in the thousands!

No, under a certain diameter, a person wouldn't get blown through a hole open to vacuum. At worst, someone may stumble against it and get one h3ll of a hickey (bruising of the skin as the capillaries rupture), until he pries himself away. It would not be much worse than messing around with a really strong shop vac.

Didn't MythBusters demonstrate an average sized person would not get blown out an airliner "window" even if all the plexiplas gave way? (Meaning Goldfinger would have, instead, simply "corked" the hole and kept the remaining cabin pressure intact.)

Sorry, back on topic, having Lambert blown out a softball sized hole would have "taken me out of the story".


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