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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

I totally missed that that was Shatner's voice. I guess I was trying to ignore the song because it was so weird and distracting from the scene.

The names of the Nebula 9 characters sounded very familiar, didn't they? Max Renard/Mal Reynolds, Chloe/Zoe, Kreavers/Reavers. And Oracle seemed to be a woman in a cryogenic chamber, reflecting how River (something of an oracular character herself) was introduced. Although I wonder if there was a nod to Blake's 7's ORAC there as well.

Okay, you know what? Castle has made a name for itself by bringing its in-universe works of fiction into reality as tie-ins, with the Nikki Heat novels and Derrick Storm comics. So what they should do now is produce a full 12 direct-to-video episodes of Nebula 9, starring Ed Quinn and Christina Moore (the "original cast" members from the episode). It was supposed to be a cheesy-looking show, so they wouldn't have to put too much money into it.

At the very least, they should do a Nebula 9 comic tie-in. I'm genuinely curious about the show's premise and characters.
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