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Re: 70 years to the Alpha Quadrant?

At conventions, Berman takes his shoe off and repeatedly slams it on the podium like a gavel so that his voice can break through the din of overlapping fangasms... "Equidistant! They're equidistant! EQI-DISTANT!!!"


Berman fucked up the map for the first few years, according to a map they showed on screen the alpha and beta quadrants were inverted... IE the Okuda's had a sick day, and the rats did play... This was fixed years later but they had trekked 40 thousand light years before anyone ever even mentioned the border to the Beta Quadrant (Renaissance Man) but gammy Janeway turned up to save the day before any writer could make such headway with the impending nature of if the delta flyer blew up again, they'd have to call it's replacement the Beta Flyer.
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