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Like I said, I'm focusing on the early days of the Federation and the era when Archer and his crew were active. Basically it's like I'm talking about writing a post-Civil War story and you're asking me if FDR and Al Capone will be in it. A lot of you folks don't seem to be on the same calendar page as I am. I have no plans to do anything set in the 23rd century at this point. There's so much of the 22nd that's yet to be filled in.

To the extent that there will be familiar names and elements from other Trek series, they'll be ones that were referenced as part of the past -- either known to be present in the late 22nd century or chronologically vague enough that they could've been part of that milieu. Kinda like how the Romulan War novels featured such characters as Tobin Dax, Sarek's father Skon, and various members of the Stiles family.
Good enough for me ! I'll stop badgering you !

Congrat's again though Christopher - I'm really looking forward to this !
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