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Re: What If Our Elections Were Done This Way...

Essentially, this is how the primaries are conducted. You plug through Iowa, and New Hampshire, and the Super Tuesday States, and the latter states to go are getting the presumptive candidate vs. the incumbant/presumptive candidate from the other party after the also rans drop out.

We do have it occur to some extent already in the U.S., with east coast polls closing before west coast ones, but a difference of days rather than three hours would make a huge difference. Just something interesting to ponder.
I voted about 7 AM Eastern today, and the polls don't close until 9 tonight. Were you really planning on waiting around for a projection from some New England state before scurrying into the booth?

That and all our elections would be decided by old folks in Winnebagos driving state-to-state with forty fake ID's, doing an "election tour."
I'll just let the complete stupidity of your post stand on its own without comment for the most part. You know you do have an assigned polling place, right?
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