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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

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The idea that these characters are special and somehow more deserving of resurrection basically turns everyone else into cannon fodder. The rest of the galaxy is now Ensign Ricky, who beamed down one day with Kirk, Spock & McCoy.
I sympathise with this, I really do. I myself dislike the notion - even if implicit and entirely unintended - that the TV characters are the only really important ones, but in terms of keeping the books popular with audiences I wouldn't be surprised if a sense of that crept in, deliberate or not. Unless you're someone like me, to whom the Trek lit world is as much a part of his Star Trek as the TV shows, then you're reading because you want to see familiar faces from TV in familiar environments and situations. And people like me are always a tiny minority of Trek fans. I think Vaughn and Choudhury and Eden are important, and the adventures of da Vinci and Gorkon engrossing, but most readers want Sisko and Data and Janeway, and Enterprise. On this very board there have always been plenty of Trek fans vocal in their disinterest of novels that don't feature the characters they love from the TV shows. I think we're actually lucky to have such a diverse and changeable novel verse - on a personal level I'd like it to be even more so, but I don't think that would ever appeal to enough people to be feasible. I'm just glad that if, for example, Data has to come back, he at least is coming back in a way that allows for new developments and complexities rather than returning as if Nemesis didn't happen. Or, put another way, that the current crop of authors are daring and inventive enough to keep the novels challenging even as they incorporate such uncomfortable conventions as "resurrection for main characters".
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