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Re: What If Our Elections Were Done This Way...

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Actually, usually elections are held in a way that seeks to minimise this (granted, the US seems to be a bit of an exception). Obviously, knowing the results in other parts of the country would influence voters who haven't cast their votes, yet, either energising them or making them not bother anymore. This can lead to a distortion of the result which is why it's usually avoided.
Well yes, I know it won't actually happen, I'm just curious about how it would affect people's votes, from a psychological standpoint. We do have it occur to some extent already in the U.S., with east coast polls closing before west coast ones, but a difference of days rather than three hours would make a huge difference. Just something interesting to ponder.

Though I just read the results are in from Dixville Notch, NH, which has 10 registered voters; it was a tie (5-5).
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