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Re: VOTE today! And is the Federation a democracy?

AggieJohn wrote: View Post
That is not true. There is a mention of elections in DS9. It was in "homefront"
Problem is, it's not clear who elected the Federation President, all the adults in the federation, or just the people on the federation council at the time.

Kirk did say the the federation is a democracy (to Kor), but we saw a federation member planet which was pretty clearly not a democracy. Kirk might have been referring to the federation council employing basic democratic rules during council procedings. But not to every member world being democracies themselves.

We know in the 23rd century, that Vulcan had Vulcan Princesses, so in that century at least Vulcan might have beem ruled by a Royal family. We did see Vulcan changing government style in the 22nd century. they might have done it again.

Deks wrote: View Post
Democracy cannot exist without voting?
Basically yes.

People think they live in a democracy today, whereas its nothing more than an illusion of one where the selected few govern everything and benefit the most.
Yes, the people elect democratically the select few, and they goven until we kick them out and elect replacements. Or we send them to a federal prison, whichever happen first.

Please attempt thinking outside the box for a moment and stop applying (highly flawed) cultural notions of our society (and the socioeconomic system) to the one of the Federation that is actually not supposed to be like ours.
Oh, I don't know. Except for the technology, they seem very much like us. Relatively few differences (there are a small number admittedly).

'If its got no voting, then it MUST be a dictatorship'.
'If it has no money, it HAS to be Communism'.
Missed one. If it's communism, then it's really just a dictatorship. Different name, same thing.

stemming from the notion that they couldn't work within Roddenberry's rules.
Roddenberry (despite what he occasionally claimed) didn't create Star Trek all by himself, he had considerable help. He also wrote very few episodes, that was done by others too.

When Roddenberry's rules increasingly made no sense, the writer simply worked around them, or just completely ignored them.

That why there is only one clear no money reference in all of Star Trek, and many dozens of examples of people inside the federation using money.

One of his rules that made no sense.

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