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Re: Sons of Mogh... AWFUL ending

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Assisted suicide is legal
And what about the rest (read - vast majority) of the world?
Actually Edit XYZ, in the much of the world assisted suicide is neither legal nor illegal, it's not on the books. And there are a few places, like Japan and Canada, where the law has it both ways, the law overlaps and conflicts.
Actually, T'Girl, helping someone commit suicide IS a crime in the vast majority of the world.
Of course, "helping" someone for this is procuring the poison/the rope/etc for him or encouraging/etc him.

What Worf was supposed to do is plunge the knife into the heart of his brother.
And whether the victim wants to be killed or not doesn't change this in the least.
You weren't under the impression that it's OK to kill someone who wants to die, yes?

Feel free to verify what I've just said - instead of coming up with straw-men meant to make your supported point look stronger.

There are examples of people who lost all their memories at once - amnesia. They didn't lose their personality - what made them who they were.
What make you who you are is your personal identity, your knowledge of self.

Nobody is saying that what used to be Kurn's mind was wiped completely clean, it retained the ability to walk and talk. What was removed was Kurn himself.
What makes you you is your personality, your values.

When a person has amnesia, he doesn't lose himself - his personality, values, likes/dislikes, etc. Only his memories.
Feel free to check this out, too.

Kurn at the end - only the ability to walk and talk? Really?
T'Girl, you have no idea of the behavior of a being who can only walk and talk. That's obvious because Kurn's behavior at the end of the episode was the behavior of a complete individual - personality-wise.

Again, the medical procedure was done without Kurn's permission.
Did you know that, legally, doctors have permission to perform extremely dangerous procedures on a patient if these procedures are the only way to save the patient's life?
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