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Re: What happened to Kira's Siblings

According to the books, they are both dead. Pohl died of malnutrition in the camps, and Reon was either a resistance member pretending to be a collaborator or a collaborator pretending to be a resistance member, and he was killed by either another collaborator or another resistance member or an Obsidian Order spy. Either way, Kira was definitely estranged from him, so basically it's a combination of both options Nerys Dukat mentioned.

I've mentioned this elsewhere, but one of the things I find fascinating about Kira is that she has literally no family left at all. Both her parents are dead. Both her brothers are dead. All her resistance cell-mates are dead. Her not-a-father is dead, her not-a-sister is dead, her not-a-son has been taken back to Earth. Two of her ex-lovers are dead, the third gone to the other side of the galaxy. And yet despite all of that, she stands up as one of the strongest, most faithful and reliable people on the station.

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