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Re: Are regenerations still capped at 12?

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The Master, who was but a noncorporeal intelligence of sorts in the 1996 telefilm, was a full-fledged Time Lord with the ability to regenerate by the time he surfaced in the new show. It's possible that the Doctor's regeneration cycle has already been extended, so that he could fight in the Time War or something.
Easily possible. However, I do think that he has a finite number left (River's recent comment about precious regeneration energy, and of course that fact the she herself had used up her remaining (and therefore numerically limited) regenerations.)

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I just had a thought. Perhaps they'll do this:

I've read this idea many times and I still don't like it.
I've heard it before too and think it's a dreadful idea. Much better to give him an ending or just jump off the roundabout and let his adventures continue in the public imagination as the series did on its first run.

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Honestly, the 13 life limit was a bit of a mistake. It served the story purposes of The Deadly Assassin, sure. But it was obvious, even back then that the Doctor will continue to regenerate. Classic Who even put in precedents allowing Time Lords to get another set of 13 lives.

When the time comes, the Doctor is going to live past his thirteenth life. We will see a 14th Doctor, we will see a 507th Doctor and so on in that order.
Yep. The 12-regen limit was slackened by The Five Doctors, about seven years after it was introduced. It can be extended retrospectively in the middle of a line of dialogue if need be, though maybe the next showrunner* will make a long story arc out of it.

* I'm in the camp that says the Ten-to-Ten regeneration should count, so if the Doctor hasn't had his cycle restarted/extended then Twelve should be running on empty regen-wise.
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