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Re: Star Trek ebook improvement program?

It seems to be ebooks before about 2006. I haven't seen anything published past 2005 that has been updated. I can verify that the ones I have found are available for the Kindle and the Nook so it looks like mobi and epub formats have been updated. Most seem to sport improved title pages and embedded fonts. Some, but not many have cover improvements. I'll list below the ones that I've been able to confirm have been updated. Of these series, none that are not listed have been updated.

- Byron

Enterprise ebooks:
Broken Bow
By the Book
What Price Honor?
Surak's Soul
The Expanse
Deadalus's Children

Corps of Engineers anthologies:
Book One: Have Tech, Will Travel
Book Two: Miracle Workers
Book Four, No Surrender
Book Five, Foundations
Book Six, Wildfire
Book Seven, Breakdowns

Strange New Worlds anthologies:
Strange New Worlds I
Strange New Worlds II
Strange New Worlds III
Strange New Worlds V
Strange New Worlds VI
Strange New Worlds VII
Strange New Worlds 8

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