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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

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I had an annoying experience at a new restaurant near me.... Also, if you ask for separate checks, they make you pay before the meal. What?!
This was kind of buried in my first post, and I'm still curious... Has anyone else run into this policy anywhere?
I've never encountered that. However, I do know that servers get pissy if you don't tell them you want separate checks right up-front. This is made all the more annoying when I'm with a group of people who are too socially awkward to say this themselves, so I'm stuck doing it.
I've never gotten annoyed by separate checks. I'd rather separate checks than people fighting over the bill (which often leads to people not paying enough money). If you don't tell me early, it can lead to mistakes that could otherwise have been avoided, but it's often preferable to me.
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