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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

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The Fall: (Final title unannounced) all by DRG3
"All" is not supported by the evidence. DRGIII said that his novel (singular) would be kicking off The Fall. That indicates he's only writing the first book in the miniseries. He also says that his novel specifically is a DS9 work, which doesn't suggest that the whole series will be.

I have "A Choice of Catastrophes" listed, but am not really sure if there is anything there to tie it to the novel-verse.
As I recall, it does have references to some other McCoy-centric novels, including The Better Man and Shadows on the Sun. I briefly referenced a character from The Better Man, a male nurse named Liftig, in Forgotten History.

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I want to include this, but can't connect any of it to the larger novel-verse. The only Graf books on the list so far are Rough Trails and Traitor Winds. Were there any crossover characters that Graf may have used in all of their books? Did they use the Rihannsu or Klinzai models for Romulan and Klingon culture? Something to link it all together?
Mainly the Graf novels are linked by their characterization of Sulu, Uhura, and Chekov, who are central in all their TOS novels. They came out well after the novels had been restricted from using the Rihannsu or Ford-style Klingons (the first, Ice Trap, was a 1992 book). This was the height of the Richard Arnold era when continuity was at a minimum. But I believe there are one or two supporting characters, such as the aforementioned Ensign Howard, who appear in more than one Graf novel.
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