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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

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eh, at least it wasn't a baseball game
How dare you speak of "Take me out to the Holosuite" with anything less than awe and reverence!

I dunno, Cowboys in Space didn't even make much sense to me. Beyond the obvious time displacement bit. If they'd been there that long, and they had clear access to a post-industrial level of technology you think they'd have evolved. Maybe not as far as the rest of Earth being there weren't that many of them, but further than the old West.

Similitude kinda struck me as a cheap rip off of Tuvix in a way. A very similar moral dilemma the only difference really being Sim takes the noble way out and Archer doesn't have to make himself look like a murdering hypocrite.

Carpenter Street... ugh. More time travel. As if the Xindi weren't threatening enough with their Death Star ripoff now they're time travelling to destroy humanity too. Sad part is beyond driving home the point "the Xindi are bad" which I'd think millions of dead in Florida to Columbia would have established by now, it really serves no purpose to the overall arc save as a one shot "adventure."
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