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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Well, we can hope the ship's journey is a long one, the robot gets disabled, and the people quickly discover that the ship has freezers full of tasty meat, some kind of weird looking alien lizard things that go good with mustard. Then they arrive at their home world, the ship lands automatically, and they cut it up for the scrap market.

I think the writers were just a bit lazy on this one, because having a non-living interface getting adopted doesn't really balance the scales of a planetary mass-extinction to resurrect a species that's already gone, and whose members obviously had no problem wiping out all life on another planet or they'd have programmed "already has multi-cellular life" as a rejection criterion for their ship's AI.

Another way the story could've gone is to have SG-1 save all the extinct aliens, ressurect them, and find out that they're the Aliens - from Alien. Although several stories pretty close to that do occur in the series.
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