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Re: ENT Caption Contest #84: Many Vanishing Returns

Hoshi: "Parlez-vous à moi? żEstas hablando conmigo? Sprichst du mit mir?"

Trip: "Hell, Travis can keep his stupid little 'sweet spot.' This is where the real action's at!"
Hoshi: "Whatever you say, sir."
Trip: "Hmm, I wonder if I could convince T'Pol to try this out..."
Hoshi: "It's like I'm invisible, or something..."

T'Pol: "Captain, I'm afraid you must choose between us."
Archer: "Between who, T'Pol? You and Trip? Shouldn't he be here for this?"
Hoshi: "Oooookaaaaay, TMI..."

Bob the Alien: "Hey, Larry, what if we're not real? I mean, what if we're just someone else's hallucination?"
Larry the Alien: "Dude, that's it, no more weed for you. You always get all existential when you're high."

Archer: "Don't tell Hoshi I said this, but I'd totally hit that."
Hoshi: "Sir, are you drunk?"
Archer: "What did I tell you about asking questions, Travis?"
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