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Scorched Earth: That was pleasant, if a typical episodic piece of sci fi problem solving. It seemed at the end though that O'Neill really regretted not getting to blow that massive ship up.
Unasked: Is it really okay to exterminate all the life on an entire planet just because none of it is technological or as intelligent as humans? All the squirrels, deer, rabbits, eagles, whales, dolphins, cats, dogs, monkeys, koala bears, chetahs, elephants, spotted owls, talking geckos, honey badgers, songbirds, horses, whooping cranes, bats, tree sloths, parrots, hippos, sea otters, polar bears, and jellyfish- on an entire planet - go extinct, and everybody is okay with that?

Jack should've blown up the ship.

It may not have seemed like it, but his was the moral choice.
Yeah it's interesting that didn't get asked. I think it has to do with the desperate times so many peoples they interact with find themselves in. It's almost like it's a luxury to make hard decisions for animals when you can barely manage to pull them off for people most of the time.

Any kind of terraforming done will push out or exterminate animals that have adapted to an environment the terraformers have deemed inhospitable to their purposes.

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