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Re: Primeval: Canada


Episode 2 was much better.

They still have a billionaire industrialist walking around like he's an assistant manager at radio shack, but now that everyone isn't so assforward explaining who they are and what they do it's less awful. Still awful, but really a hell of a lot less awful.

Project magnet remains a barrel of monkeys.

You remember Doctor Who form the 70s when he hung out with UNIT?

(Pretend you do.)

imagine they were still around today but lost their funding in 1974, and never leveled up or had a face list there after god bless their little cotton socks.


Rotary dial telephones!

No Connor this week.



Andrew Lee Potts is only listed as being in on out of the first 8 episodes.

Lets hope that when the shit hits the fan that both Connor and Abby arrive to save the day for the final five episodes.

The dinosaur was barely on camera this week.

It's almost like they blew all thie money on the pilot and the rest of the season is going to be off camera, scary noises, seeing throiugh the dinosaurs eyes, and exposition.

Real world thoughts.

Amanda tapping is producing this while she's working on Supernatural asa na actress... Is the paycheck of a semi regular on Supernatural enough to bank roll an entire season of Primeval New World?

(IMDB says I'm way off, that she's not even a producer.)
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