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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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That is so cool. I wonder if they would let me take a photo of them, before they detonated themselves of course, for my blog.
I'm sure they would!

It could be one of the funniest, most epic photos in all of fandom.

Maybe you could get some bored staffer in a US embassy in northern Africa to build a paper-mache stargate, set it up in the desert somewhere, and then leak word to the local Al Qaeda affiliates that it's an antenna for a CIA listening post - and that they have to push it over and bury it, taking pictures and video to verify that it's been properly disabled, but not destroyed, and to post the videos on one of their websites as proof to the world that they're nobody's fools.

You could write a book about it. "How I Convinced Al Qaeda to Bury Their Stargate and Leave Us the F*** Alone."

And RIP Robert Rothman, who delivered one of my favorite lines in "Crystal Skull".

"I really wish it were a teleportation device, I really do, <snip> But what we have here. is. a. paperweight."

Also of side interest, considering election day: In the battleground state of Colorado, polling data from Colorado Springs is hard to explain - unless you realize how many freakin' aliens have been secretly settled there over the years.
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