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Re: The Micro Machine sets

This discussion thread's gotten me checking out sets on ebay. I actually just casually bid on a Set II a couple of weeks back for a pretty low price, assuming I'd be outbid and not really caring that much, but I got it. Yay? Anyway, it just arrived today.

I haven't pulled them all out from under that plastic wiring yet, but it's interesting to compare ships from my old Set II with the new one.

For one thing the saucer-separating "D" in this new set looks MUCH better. The paint for the top phaser ring on my old one was completely off and the "neck" was only half attached. This new one doesn't have either problem. The 3-nacelled Enterprise is a bit less bent too.

The new Pasteur's nacelles are a bit straighter and the paint on the new Defiant is a bit better

Conversely, the "B" and "C" in the new set are noticeably bent compared to the old ones. The saucer and nacelles on the "B" are a good five or so degrees off. The saucer on the "C" is quite warped.

The saucer on my old Grissom tilted down a bit, whereas this one tilts up a bit, enough that there's a bit of a split in the strut under the right nacelle. The paint on the new one is sharper and more where it should be.

As I said, I haven't pulled most of the rest out yet, but they look on par with the old ones. (They also look much sharper, not having the 15 years of wear and being handled by grubby fingers that the old ones have.)

I'd still like another Set I, cause all my broken ones were from that set (though even that can be pricey on ebay). And, as God is my witness, someday I'm gonna get one of that Set III...
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