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I guess Calculon was busy.

Seriously, unless I'm mistaken, many people are confused between the terms Nationality and ethnicity. Nationality refers to the Nation or country a person is from. I would ethnically be indestinguishable from someone from a nation like Canada, France, England, Russia, Australia, Poland, and many others. However, my nationality is none of these. Ethnicity refers to the physical traits one has that distinguish him as part of that ethnic group.
For example, one can be Black as an ethnicity, but American, Canadian, French, British, and so on as a nationality.

Also, ignorant question here. Please clarify for me. Is there a physical difference between people of different Oriental groups, such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean. In other words, without knowing one's cultural background, could someone physically see the difference between a Japanese person and a Chinese person?
Just an FYI: in the US and Canada, using the term "Oriental" to describe people is considered antiquated, negative, and ultimately offensive. This movement started in the 60s and 70s when Asian Americans identified the term with American politicians trying to paint all Asians as "others," considering things like the Vietnam War and tensions with China, and echoes of America historically trying to paint the Chinese and Japanese Yellow Peril (WWII propaganda being among the most famous examples).

Using the term Asian and/or Pacific Islander, depending on ethnicity, as descriptor is preferable. For many Asians, the term "oriental" is synonymous with the N-word.
Me being Taiwanese, I don't find it offensive. So I think it's only those who are over sensitive that would find it offensive. I doubt it would offend that many Asians or even Chinese folk.
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