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Re: 70 years to the Alpha Quadrant?

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The 70-year thing isn't meant to be an exact figure, but a very rough estimate or a ball park figurew, IMO. A ship at Warp 9 or so might average about 1000 light-years per year, taking into account periodic stops whenever necessary.

Personally, I think Janeway was being optimistic. I think most ships can only sustain Warp 9 and beyond speeds for a relatively short period of time but will spend most of a voyage around Warp 6 to prevent engine burnout and to conserve fuel.
Considering Seven, made a song and dance about using Borg cartography to cut 3 years off the journey, I think it's a reliably accurate number, and as the years went on, they did reduce the number of years they expected to be in transit in relation against all their short cuts.
In that sense, shaving off three years is relative to the distance the ship has already traveled.
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