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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

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As I understand The Persistence of Memory, Soong himself isn't necessarily permanently dead. His consciousness has been interrupted, but his memory files are saved. Were Data 2.0 able to build an duplicate of his new body and install the same software and transfer Soong's memories in, then you'd have Soong 2.0 back again (or maybe Soong 1.5).

The same seems to be true for Lal, who could be resurrected whether through the construction of a new positronic matrix into which her memory could be downloaded, or through reactivating her current positronic matrix. For that matter, if Data wanted to he could conceivably build a new matrix to contain Lore's memories. (For that matter, I wonder if anything could be done with the memories of the Omicron Theta colonists.)

Question: Does my understanding of what's going on make sense?
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^Maybe. But I'd like to think it wouldn't be that simple to replicate what Soong achieved in bringing Data (approximately) back. I think it carries more weight as a rare and exceptional thing than as something that could easily be duplicated.
Soong's genius, sure.
So's Data.

That's what happens when one brings the 'resurrection' trope out of the bottle. Character death and suffering looses all meaning.

Personally, I look forward to how they'll save all the victims of the borg invasion by using a teleporter with a temporal component (similar to the one Alexander used when he came back from the future to meet Worf in TNG), in order to teleport all said victims from a millisecond before being vaporised by the borg to the future.
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