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Re: Atlantis: Complete Series on sale

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If I keep enjoying SG-1 as much as I have up through 2.4 then I may look into this.

How drastic a shift is this series in tone from SG-1, without being too spoilery?
Is it like going from ship based with TNG to starbase based with DS9 or another explanation works better? Thanks
It's prety close to the tone of SG-1, perhaps taking itself a bit more seriously most of the time, but with the same basic format. A staff of Stargate personnel and SG teams operating out of a base, but the base is in an advanced, abandoned civilization's city, far far away.

Stargate Universe went for the Battlestar Galactica format, gritty, real, and dark, on ship with characters you're not sure you can trust. It lasted two seasons.
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