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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #64: Booo!

Oil can!

O'Brien: Well there was something organic here, but the trail has long since vaporized from ambient radiation. What kind of pet did you say you lost back here?

Garak: It was a cat. Named Legate Yum Yum.

Nog: If it did not have a collar it would be returned to its organic constituents!

Garak: He had - a collar!

Kira: I once liberated a prison detail of a thousand with a raid on Cardassian Central Command; and here I am reduced to hunting for a lost Cardie cat.

Sisko: It's either this or we finish out our shifts at Ops.

Kira: Here Legate Yum Yum! Here kitty kitty!

"Listen, are you quite sure the force field is on?"

"If you touch it, it will really hurt! Don't - touch it!"

"But -"

"Make you void your bowels. Zap!"

"It's just - I will feel really stupid if it's not even turned on."


"Ok, ok!"

Sisko: Quiet, Mister Worf. I will pretend to pleasure myself and you watch the hole in the ceiling.

Worf <powers phase rifle>: It is a good day to die.

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