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Re: Jennifer Lien Was Arrested in July???

Call me deluded, but I'm not convinced she was in the wrong. I'd change my mind if we get more details, but it's pretty vague right now.

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The problem is (I'm assuming it was her husband and not her kids, the word domestic is a little broad, I did some googling to try and nail it down, but to no avail.) ...
Well, if it involved her kids, that would child abuse or child endangerment or some such, so it's not that. I'm also wondering WTH constitutes domestic abuse exactly. If I invite a friend over and slap her, is that technically domestic abuse because it happened at home? How about a shove in self defense? Or a shove just because you're pissed off.

At least she took a halfway decent mug shot. The hair is god awful and she looks sad, but I think she's aging well. Poor Jennifer.
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