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Re: Which Captain would you want to serve under?

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I don't see how more shifts is better for the crew. Would you rather work one eight-hour shift in a day, or two six-hour shifts? Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather have longer shifts if it means less of them.

He was switching from three shifts to four. Which would mean people would be going from 8 hours on and 16 off to 6 on and 18 off. The longer someone sits and stares at a screen the worse their response time becomes. The change made for a safer ship and probably increased crew moral in the long run.

Er, I don't think that's the way it was supposed to work. Four shifts is how you divide the workday, not necessarily four different groups of workers, just shifts. More shifts means more thinly spread personnel.

Given your interpretation, the crew should have been cheering, not complaining. You really think they'd have cared about extra paperwork and adjustment if it meant two less work hours a day?
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