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How will fewer Vulcans affect the Federation?

As I was driving to Little Caesar's to pick up a pizza, wings, crazy bread with sauce...and the garlic butter which is really bad for you, but really good...the Mrs. and I were talking about the Trek 09 movie. She thinks that with the destruction of Vulcan will have very strong affects in regards to peace and the Federation. It also sort of dawned on me that without a strong Vulcan presence, this may thrust the Romulans into more of a prominence. I mean think about it least in my thoughts...with both Romulans and Vulcans having somewhat of an equal field so to speak, there's a balance of these two races that share a common ancestry. We know that at one point the Vulcans and Romulans sort of "split" and went their different ways. Without a large Vulcan presence, would there be a much heavier influence towards the Romulan way of life to those in that Vulcan/Romulan ancestry? Does that make any sense? How much of an impact of a lesser Vulcan presence will this have for this generation, or the next generation. I know that Vulcans helped facilitate peace treaties and such, but I still tend to think that most everything will go on as planned in this alternate reality. ?????
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