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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Having the baby die would have been the easy way out for the writers. I'm glad it lived for precisely the reasons you listed. It adds complications and complications make for good stories.
their keeping the baby around so they can kill her off later for shock value
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What are they gonna do when the baby is screaming its head off and Walkers are attracted to loud sounds.

Shock value would be the baby dying--or being killed--and then reanimating and having to be shot or whatever. They've had a child "shot" and a boy "shoot" his mother (though the trailer made mention "she's not here"), but this may be too far. I use quotes since the people were apparently already dead and reanimated, so it wasn't (to our knowledge) actual killings.

Still, MASH did the second one--having a baby's cry threatening to give away those in hiding. The mother smothered the child so that the bus full of people would not be found. That was what made Hawkeye finally lose it, since he had been saying to shut the kid up. He was deluding himself after the fact that it was a chicken, not a baby, and the true memory nearly broke him.
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