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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

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Which means what? A costume change, as it was the late 70's and the same costumes and ship designs of TOS had to reflect the advancement of years--like the actors and their characters (not to mention the production standards set by productions such as Star Wars).
It means that costume changes aren't what I think of as re-imagining.

Interestingly enough, Phase II was going to use a variation of the TOS uniforms.

Additionally, the early Phase II production work already set that ball in motion with the genesis (no pun intended) of what would become the movie engineering deck, bridge consoles, etc. But it was the same characters and situations. There was no reimagining, and Phase II--or TMP was never said to be that
.Again, what was said is irrelevant. What appeared on the screen is. Tone and characterization.

The age of the characters still didn't match the age of the actors. A decade had passed between the end of TOS and TMP.
Timo used the Voyager dates as a means of eastablishing a fairly fixed period of 8 years between TOS and TMP:
That's nice, but Voyager didn't exist in the late 70s. So its unlikely that Roddenberry had 8 years in mind when he started work on Phase II/TMP. The only time stamp we have is it being two and a half years since Kirk was "out there" and him having five years of experience "out there".

Subjective--which is no official statement that TMP was a reimagining....because it was not meant to be, and was not.
Equally subjective. Though its clear with the additions of Decker, Ilia and Xon, the character dynamics of Star Trek were being changed ( and would be used later as the blue print for TNG)

Two, there was a mutual interest in Trek returning; Filmation (and another animation house) wanted to adapt it (remember, the early 1970s was a hot period of old TV series adapted into the cartoon format, such as The Addams Family, Gilligan's Island, My Favorite Martian, I Dream of Jeannie, The Partridge Family, and specials based on Lost in Space and Gidget) but from the articles i've read, TOS' mighty syndication feat prodded NBC into wanting a return of TOS.
Links to said articles?
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