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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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They are hamstrung next season with the Bay and Santana deals, along with being in bed with Madoff.
Missed this earlier. Yeah, it's not clear at all if the Mets can afford anything without dumping salary first. Alderson has repeatedly said that they will be at no more than $100 million, and including 2014 buyouts (which they're counting as 2013 payroll), they're already at about $85 million. Arbitration awards for Davis, Murphy, Parnell and Thole are going to total somewhere in the neighborhood of another $10 million or so. I'm not sure they can do anything significantly over league minimum without offloading salary, and they have very little of consequence in terms of money which is plausibly moveable.

I used to laugh at the Mets' ineptitude, and now I just feel sorry for their fans. It's pretty disgusting that they've thrown away years with a playoff core while refusing to break it up. If they had been willing to spend to the luxury tax -- and the idea that a team in New York with a ludicrous sweetheart park deal is cutting corners to such an extreme level is absurd -- they could have easily built a contender without giving up the 2014-and-forward financial flexibility that they're dead-set on.
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