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Re: first contact lack of common sense?

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I also have a few questions regarding first contact...when the movie starts, the enterprise is out near the Romulan NZ scanning for whatever. From what I can recall, the RNZ is pretty far from earth, yet they're able to warp back to earth so quickly to join the battle against the borg. How is that possible that they can get there so quickly?
The DITL website suggests that the battle actually went for a few days. The fleet engaged the Cube in the typhon sector (which is far enough from the core of the Federation that the Enterprise D was only the second ship to investigate it (after the Bozeman in Cause and Effect). The battle, according the DITL, lasted for a few days with the fleet attacking the Cube as they all made their way towards Earth.

Also why not stop first contact by destroying the Vulcan ships?
Maybe they didn't know the course the vulcans would be approaching earth from. Hard to know where to find them if you don't know which direction they are coming from.

Why even try to stop first contact?
Actually, the Borg seem to spend most of the movies trying to get in contact with the Borg living in that time period, with the deflector dish. It's only after the dish is destroyed that the Queen says there has been a change of plans and they start trying to stop first contact again.

In that period in earth history, aren't the borg strong enough just to simply go down to earth where the majors powers are and just assimilate them? I love first contact, but that's always bugged me.
When the Enterprise is going back in time, we see that Earth is indeed assimilated. They probably wanted to get the Enterprise out of the way first.
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