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Re: Mockingbird Lane - It didn't suck!

If Marilyn's motivation was concern for Eddie's welfare and Lily's orders, where did it go when the guy goes down? "Oops!" doesn't fit that scene either. Either it's just a cute one liner, which undermines (makes boring) the Marilyn character. Or it was supposed to be a hint of evil Marilyn, except as I complained earlier, if that was what it was supposed to be, it failed miserably. "Oops!" is too cutesy, either way.

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Yes, there was some hint of evil Marilyn. The hoboes finding a home wasn't evil, though, but offbeat sentimentality. There was also explicit family dynamics that didn't fit evil Marilyn. Nor did her attempt to save the scoutmaster fit that. If she was supposed to killed him on purpose, the scene was incorrectly set up. For one thing, the "oops" was too cute by half.

They probably would have tried to get the character to gel, but it was too blurry to keep my interest.
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