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Re: Who would you love to see cast in the next series?

I dunno. Chiwetel Ejiofor comes to mind, probably a first officer or a counselor or a security chief or something. Also David Constabile, as an engineer or a science officer or basically anyone who has to sound all technical and nerdy.

I like Khandi Alexander or Giancarlo Esposito for the captain. Probably a little obvious to suggest Danny Pudi would be a shoo-in for a Vulcan.

Temis the Friendly Ghost wrote: View Post
Lance Reddick is my vote for the next captain. He's a big Trekkie and Fringe is ending so he'll be at liberty soon.
That is a brilliant pick.
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Come to think of it, wouldn't mind either Claire Danes or Damian Lewis as captains. Can you imagine Danes as pyscho-nuJaneway?
Well... I love Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison and she'd be amazing as a Star Trek captain, but not so sold on making that character also unbalanced. It might be interesting to have a captain who did have a neurological illness of some kind, though, as it's obviously something we haven't had, but being Star Trek it'd no doubt be an illness that can be cleanly and regularly medicated.
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