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Re: Exit stage right

I'm not as expert on the first couple seasons of TARDIS use. Was the console room a permanently standing set in those days? They used it pretty much every story, so I guess they could've let it stay between episodes they weren't using it for. OTOH, I do know that for many years the console room was only pulled from storage and set up piecemeal for the episodes it was needed for, then shoved back into a warehouse until they needed it again - resulting in different apparent sizes through Troughton's years. Somewhere in Tom Baker's tenure the set was standardized enough that it would actually LOOK the same between appearances, which is where it stayed with minor cosmetic alterations until it was damaged beyond repair prior to McCoy's final series...

That said, even though the current TARDIS set is permanently standing, we haven't seen all that much of it so far this season. We know it's been changed since they moved it to the new studios...

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