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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I am not really interested in the fine detail, nerdy technobabble of how they produce the blu-rays, I was simply reading to find out what extra's you were hinting at. I said as much several times. I'm sorry but you did lead a few of us on. As a number of us have said bloopers don't come anywhere near the other things they've given us.

I've wasted too much of my time on this subject already. That is where I leave it. Make of it what you will.
To say this set hasn't even been released yet, you sure have a bee in your bonnet!

The interview with CBS Digital is a technical piece about the remastering process. It was never meant to cover the bonus features - those are produced by an external company.

Please don't make accusations without facts... "leading you on" is ridiculous, just because in your mind BLOOPERS and OUTTAKES are not big enough, that ain't my problem! Geez... some people are never satisfied! I am OVERJOYED that CBS found this material and will be including it.
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