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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

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Actually I've never been entirely convinced that post-fal tor pan Spock is the same individual as pre-Genesis Spock.
Execpt for the whole it not being him really renders the point of the film meaningless, and kind of goes against how the other films treat Spock.
Meaning is subjective, and the way people are treated is often more a matter of perception than reality. But since TVH itself showed clearly that Spock had lost much of his memory, it's actually kind of inconsistent that later stories treated him as no different from the original. They unfortunately treated the resurrection as a simple reset button, rather than taking the more meaningful route of having it take Spock to a new place character-wise and leave some real consequences.

Fortunately, Data's "resurrection" here does change him in significant ways and opens new story directions for him, so I'd call that meaningful.
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