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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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6 years ago we had a Bond who was rough around the edges

Then(QOS)we still get a Bond who's learning the curves. Now we get someone who's past his prime? In roughly 6 years?

It's like they(the studio thought "Okay fast forward the story. He's progressing too slowly"

I think the "Past his prime" aspect would have worked better if Craig had more movies under his belt. It almost looks like the end for Craig but we all know it's not since he's signed on for more sequels.
I must have missed that bit about him being past it. He's contracturally obliged to get his shirt off in every movie and he looks just fine to me.
I think this refers to 'in-movie.' Ralph Fienne's character makes a disparaging comment to Bond along the lines of "this is a young man's game" and there is a small sub-plot about Bond's fitness for duty.

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The old films I kind of see as supposedly being the same guy, just ignoring that his age keeps changing allowing him to be the same age in the 60s and 90s.
In Goldeneye (mid '90s) doesn't Sean Bean's 006 talk about having served in the second world war with Brosnan's Bond?

No. His family were Cossacks who were given refuge by the UK during World War II, before the tribe was mostly betrayed by the UK and repatriated to their deaths at Stalin's hands. However, it emerged that Alec's parents survived and returned to England, where he was born, but wanted revenge for the deaths of his countrymen.
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