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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Are Daryl and Meryl immune? I got the vibe that the interest in Daryl's location was more than brotherly concern.
You'd be mistaken then. From the beginning, both of them have had an insanely tight bond with one another. Daryl was ready to go into a city infested with zombies, alone, just on the off chance that Meryl was alive... and Meryl is ten times more crazy.
Did you miss that episode in the second season where Daryl falls trying to get away from walkers and has to crawl, injured, up the river bank? He hallucinated that Meryl was there, mocking him. It was pretty darn clear that their relationship was not a happy one. Meryl clearly loved bullying, controlling and dominating the younger brother. It makes perfect sense that he would still be interested in finding him as 1) it's the only family he has left, and 2)he clearly enjoyed being in control of his younger brother.
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