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Re: Jennifer Lien Was Arrested in July???

Unless they go over board and snap something, it's usually fun when a girl hits a guy.

The problem is (I'm assuming it was her husband and not her kids, the word domestic is a little broad, I did some googling to try and nail it down, but to no avail.) that she didn't hit her husband who loved her, she hit her husband who hated her.

Also, he married her. He should know how hard she can hit, and when she is going to hit. A woman is capable of doing a lot of damage if they practice a little bit and you're a fool to treat them like they can't kick your ass if they put their mind to it even if they have to start while you're asleep.

I was watching Misfits yesterday, the British version of heroes.

This couple with superpowers had just finished making love.

He gets up to go to the toilet or something and she she says "Did you just wipe your cock clean with my blouse?"

And he replies "Well you had to clean it anyway."


I don't know what he did to Jennifer to elicit such a reaction, but she could have been perfectly justified in breaking his nose for all we know.


Whoever, if anyone, was drunk, they were in the wrong.



Oh goodness!

Her full name is Jennifer A(nn) Lien.


Hell, that's funnier than Garret Dick Wang.
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