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Re: Force of Nature and the Intrepid

Might well be the new Intrepid was competing with the E-D on engine efficiency before being commissioned. The time period between launching and commissioning might be several years for a radical new ship type like that, fancy flapping nacelles and all.

That is, if we believe in that noncanon commissioning date. Or even in the idea that the new USS Intrepid had the registry NX/NCC-74600, even though double zeroes in general seem to be a thing of the TOS era (and mainly fan stuff there, too). Okuda and friends seemed to deliberately steer clear of double zeroes for class ships whenever they could, even insisting that USS Oberth way back was NCC-602 rather than, say, NCC-600.

FWIW, the specific event LaForge competed in was Power Conversion Levels in EPS Conduits - something that LaForge admitted was completely irrelevant, but also something that sounds completely generic. The Chief Engineer of an Oberth class vessel might compete evenly with the Chief Engineer of a Galaxy there, despite completely dissimilar hardware.

Timo Saloniemi
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