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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Didn't she lobby to be on the show?
Muldaur did it as a favour to Gene Roddenberry. The poducers didn't like that she wouldn't agree to doing the first three episodes of the third season, they had no way to make her since she was a guest star, so they decided to drop her character.

Anyone notice how much bad luck Trek actresses seem to have?

Denise Crosby
Gates Mcfadden (fired, but asked back in S3)
Diana Muldaur
Terry Farrell
Jennifer Lien
I think McFadden's situation would be the only one that might be called "luck," but see below for how I would describe them:

Denise Crosby = poor career choice
Gates McFadden = victim of sexual harassment
Diana Muldaur = fulfilled her obligation, then left amicably
Terry Farrell = left near the end of DS9 for a better opportunity (network sitcom) - good decision!
Jennifer Lien = chose to leave for some reason (can't remember what it was).

Feel free to correct me if my memory has failed me (again).
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