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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

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Hence the reason I posted the first picture. For me, the question is always "what could the server have done more?" If the answer is that they couldn't really have done much, a high-end tip is fair. If you have actual complaints, a lower tip is perfectly valid. But a lower tip shouldn't be an excuse to save money.
But you can't have it all. I mean, some people are not going to agree with you about tipping. They are not legally obligated to pay that money, it's not built in to the price of the food, so you're not always going to get it.

You mentioned how getting a low tip or not getting a tip would make you wonder what you did wrong. In that situation, you should actually be happy to have a receipt like the one posted because it tells you that there is nothing you did wrong. The issue is that the customer believes that not tipping is a way to save money.

Should I be writing out my complaints with the server every time I give them less than a 20% tip? Have a discussion with them at the table? Talk to the manager? I can't imagine doing any of those things unless there is a significant problem, not just "lousy service." I also think that most people want to complain, not be given constructive advice. It's not limited to servers, it's just the way people are in general. We'd rather complain about how something is unfair rather than take steps to correct it or put in the effort to improve ourselves.
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