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November Art Challenge - Just Suppose...Juxtapose

I had two idea's for October, and was really leaning towards this one, but decided that a Halloween theme might've been more fun. Having said that, this month's challenge is that other idea and if it's been done, let me know.

So....your challenge for this month is to create a book cover, movie poster, cd cover, tv guide cover, etc, based on a Trek episode, but using a crew from a different series.

For example: "Doomsday Machine" with the TNG crew. Or "In The Pale Moonlight" with the ENT crew, etc. Do not worry about continuity or strength of ships and so on. Your entry is it's own little universe where it happened in this way.

Let me know if you have any questions and good luck!

(Edit: should the format be limited i.e. a book cover? Or is the open format preferred?)
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