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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I know a guy who has his family entertainment room decked out as his Star Wars shrine. On the entire left side of the wall is a huge 20' mounted case that has 4 layers per section and is mirrored so you can see the figs backs. Each of the 5 sections is mounted end-to-end for one long affect. It starts with the orig figs from the trilogy and moves through each film. He and I were talking after all this Episodes 7-9 announcement and he reiterated the sentiment I'm reading by here and by other die hard SW collectors. Crap another 10-15yrs of figs easily....where will I put them? I told him his book shelves on the other side of the wall need a new home apparently. He thinks his wife wouldn't go for both walls as a shrine to plastic action figures. Imagine that.
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