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Re: Star Ship Polaris

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...though I was under the impression the central axis of the fuselage was occupied by a power conduit connecting the two drive spheres.
Again, FWIW- Along the exact axis, yes. That is where the two hypergravity spheres were meant to be linked back to a power source dead center that had a similar linkage to port and starboard to the antigravity stuff going on in the saucer. But flanking the power chase (off axis the saucer plane) was the null gravity tube- the combined assembly of power chase and tube being the ship's "mast" fore to aft and its "yard" port to starboard.
Ooo! This is a neat bit of insight into why the capsules are located there, even if it doesn't become part of the official Polaris canon. That message needs to be included in the Making of Polaris book.
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