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Re: Top 10 episodes according to Den of Geek

Not sure if I'd put the same list, I'd definitely move Duet higher. "Once More Into the Breach." being #2 surprised me and I think we just had a TOS nostalgic writing up that list. It was an okay episode, that really only worked because it brought Kor back again.

The Way of the Warrior always struck me as overrated. Sure it's a lot of fanhype and a big battle, but they tried to cram WAY too much material into a two parter. Little Green Men and Trials and Tribbleations definitely get to make the list.

Two I'd probably drop are Doctor Bashir I presume and Our Man Bashir. Both are fun spoofs and good watches, but not top ten material. Far Beyond the Stars.. I dunno, I just never "got it" and honestly it bores me everytime I try and watch it. I get the message and it's a great one, but just seems very forced and crammed down your throat. Only interesting part for me was seeing the actors without their makeup.

It's Only a Paper Moon is a great episode and demonstrates how much war sucks... without even having a shot fired. The subplot of Vic's freedom vs Nog's escape is also compelling. The Visitor is my favorite Trek episode ever. That's just some powerful material and really captures the desperation of future Jake having lost his dad.

Episodes I'd include, In the Pale Moonlight, and Improbable Cause/Die is Cast deserve the list.
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