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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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Of course not. That was one of many abandoned story lines that we've had to frustratingly endure since the original Punk leaving storyline happened without explanation. They could have done so many different cool things during that time period (a lot of them we pitched in the original own nWo obsession and fan rants aside) they never did anything remotely interesting after that. Just continue teasing without any explanation. It's almost as if they actually did have something awesome planned, but stuff kept interrupting or them not just able to do it for whatever reason.
That sucks. That was one of the best storylines in recent memory too, leading up to what happened at Money in the Bank. That was when WWE was interesting and Punk was cool. I haven't been watching Raw lately (Actually since the new fall season since my mom takes the TV to watch Dancing with the Stars) but are they still going with this "respect" angle or is it something different. Hopefully it's something different even though it sounds like it's not that much better.
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